Redesigning at Sonic Speeds

After facing major backlash from fans, the creators of the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie have announced that they will be redesigning the titular character, whose current motion picture form is admittedly a bit terrifying.

Illustration for article titled Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Design To Be Changed Following Criticism

And, although fans have an abundance of suggestions on how to redesign the beloved character, the reality of redesigning the animated protagonist of a 2 hour movie that is currently only 6 months out from release seems to be (at best) an unreasonable pressure to place on animators, and at worst a disaster waiting to happen.

Fans are certainly waiting with baited breath to see the next mock-up of this character, but given the reality of the time animation takes, animators would have to work at super sonic speeds in order to get everything done in time.

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