‘I Am Not Your Negro’ Documentary

Image result for i am not your negro graphic design

In a different one of my classes this week, we watched the Oscar-Nominated film ‘I Am Not Your Negro’. While the content of the film is incredible, and I highly recommend that you watch it or read about it, the graphic design elements stood out to me as well. The film was separated into different sections, all which began with an animated header emulating the same style as the poster above. These title sequences had me thinking about the work we did on our animations with Project 3 and the importance of a title sequence relating to the material of a piece. The use of the thick sans serif font here, I think, did a good job mirroring the hateful protesters’ posters in images throughout the documentary but also created a striking dichotomy between white and black, which relates well to the other themes of the film. I was really amazed at how seamlessly even an animated title sequence was able to change my perception of the material afterwards, and I even more so appreciate the design work that went into it now.

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