Art and AI


I came across this project which features an online art gallery of 9 different images that are updated every hour. Once the hour is up, the 9 images that were on display are deleted forever and another 9 are uploaded to replace them. Here’s the catch – these art pieces are generated using a class of neural networks called Generative Adversarial Networks (GANS).

I think the idea of permanently deleting the images created by the model once the hour is up is very interesting as it explores the idea of temporality – does art become more precious if it has a finite lifespan? Another interesting question is whether or not art loses its meaning if there is no human artist behind imbuing meaning into the piece.

If you think computer generated art (i.e. no human agency except to create the model and provide the training data set) has little to no value, think again. This piece was sold at an auction for close to half a million dollars.

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