Between Us


Between Us is a non-traditional experience at the Denver Center for Performing Arts. Participants can choose one of three adventures: The Deck of Cards, The Blind Date, or The Whiskey Tasting. Each of these offer an interactive experience between an actor and one to two audience members which fits in with the modern trend of contemporary art to elicit participation from its audience. Mixing luck, romance and storytelling is Between Us’s tactic in establishing connections and intimacies between strangers and transcending art as simply a uni-directional process. There exists an economic hurdle of $50, speaking to Maia Chao’s message, that art remains inaccessible to people of certain races and socioeconomic statuses. There are questions regarding practicality as well: Although The Blind Date is open to people of all gender identities and sexualities, would a queer person possibly pay $50 to go on a blind date with a possibly straight person?

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