Now Apocalypse’s Shiny Nonsense

I’ve spoken a lot of aesthetic excess in my blog posts, but none of my prior discussions of Arianna Grande and Drag Race compare to the indulgence present in acclaimed film makers Greg Araki’s first delve into the silver screen: Now Apocolypse. The show, now on Starz, is undeniably aesthetically engaging; but, what is so peculiar about the piece is that it’s pretty…. and that’s about it.

With episodes that amount to little more than colorful soft-core pornography, Araki has purposefully chosen to include no plot or world-building in this piece, just aesthetics. Though his previous queer films, such as The Living End, certainly show that he’s no stranger to indulging in queer avant-garde, never before has he so willingly sacrificed content in pursuit of creating a psychedelic fever dream of color and scandalous scenes. As far as the  first 4 episodes betray, the aimlessness of the characters is the only clear and consistent message of the series. His work is especially interesting to consider in the context of the design work we are doing in this class: whereas we have used design as a means to translate concepts and ideas from poetry or sounds to a new medium, what happens when you are seemingly trying to communicate absolutely nothing?


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