Refrigerator Residency: Casting the White Cube and Bringing it all Home

Refrigerator Residency is an artistic residence program and curatorial project that showcases the works of global contemporary artists in the form of postcards on a West Philly refrigerator. The coordinator of the residency, Alex Fisher, is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Residents send in their work from all over the world. They are located in this anti-institutional space where they are not only looked at, but also form new meanings in the relationships established with the rest of the fridge’s repertoire. The display is then photographed and posted on the Instagram, which is free for all to follow and view.

Refrigerator Residency transforms the home into a space of legitimate curation, as well as inverts the traditional curatorial space, the white cube. The works of art hang outside the solid white cube of the fridge, instead of inside of it. Rather than abstracted from any history or space as is the case in the white cube, the postcards are immersed in the surroundings of the kitchen. Additional information on each postcard and artist is provided in the Instagram captions.

Fisher has recently received a grant from the Sachs Program for Innovation in the Arts, which will allow the program to expand and continue to build bridges between the global contemporary artistic community and the University of Pennsylvania.

The statement below was kindly provided by Alex Fisher:


Refrigerator Residency showcases the words, works, and wanderings of contemporary artists operating in and across all disciplines via the postcard format. This is done in the spirit of cross- cultural exchange and with a great appreciation for the joy-bringing job done by postal carriers the world over.

Residents’ postcards are shared on Refrigerator Residency’s Instagram. In-person viewing is by appointment only.

About the refrigerator

The refrigerator upon which residents’ postcards are hung is a white Model FRT15B3AW3 Frigidaire Top-Mount. It is located in a two-person apartment on a historic block in West Philadelphia.

About the magnets

Refrigerator Residency has seven magnets. In alphabetical order, these magnets are from or depict: Allegro Pizza and Grill (Philadelphia, PA), the Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum (Minsk, Belarus), Grūtas Park (Druskininkai, Lithuania), The New Yorker (New York, NY), Norsk Oljemuseum (Stavanger, Norway), a Norwegian cruise ship, the Wake Forest University Alumni Association (Winston-Salem, NC) and the Ukrainian Institute of America (New York, NY).

Refrigerator Residency is interested in acquiring new magnets to support our residents’ postcards. Any tips as to where we should look are well received through email or Instagram direct message.

About the organizers

Alex Fisher (@walexfisher) coordinates Refrigerator Residency. Design direction is by Sofie Præstgaard (@sofsofsofsofsof). The program is kindly tolerated by Alex’s roommate, Zach Levinthal (@zach_levinthal). Special thanks to Jennifer Fisher for transit support.


Christian Bang Jensen (Copenhagen, Denmark) Jacob Dahlgren (Stockholm, Sweden)
Espen Friberg (Oslo, Norway)
Sasha Pes (Lviv, Ukraine)

Kote Sulaberidze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Get involved

Refrigerator Residency is always searching for new residents. Interested parties are invited to reach out through email or Instagram direct message.


Email: Instagram: @refrigerator.residency

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