Detective Pikachu: An Investigation

Today we’re talking about Pikachu’s evolution; and, no, we don’t mean Raichu.

The iconic monster has taken many forms across many platforms throughout its 20+ year term as incumbent mascot of the most influential video game in the world. Pikachu has seen itself as a variety of sprites and 3D models, not to mention plush toys, trading cards, and as a parade float. However, none of these are nearly as shocking (yes, I said it) as the form the Pokemon takes in the upcoming movie, Detective Pikachu. Voiced by Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds, the mascot becomes a coffee drinking, swearing, sarcastic PI trying to unravel a conspiracy. An odd premise, to be sure, but even odder is watching the beloved creature wrestle with its treck across the Uncanny Valley in a way we’ve never before seen.

Some of the design choices that must have been made include considerations of how fuzzy a usually smooth design should be, how to animate Pikachu speaking, and whether the character would move more like a mouse or a man.

Related image

Watch the trailer here:

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