Costumes for the Book of Mormon

Over the break, I saw the Book of Mormon on Broadway. The show was excellent. Although the songs themselves were not particularly memorble, the singing was outstanding. Most notably, the musical was extremely humorous. The musical follows two Mormons who are sent on a mission to Uganda.

One thing I noted during the performance were the costumes. The clothing of the Mormon missionaries juxtaposed that of the Ugandans. After doing a bit of research, I came across an article that discussed the process for creating the costumes. Despite the play’s humorous mood, much research was done in creating the costumes. Interestingly, each Ugandan’s costume has a story behind it within the Book of Mormon world. For example, “the women wear bonnets made out of old soda bottles and feed bags.” Another character “wears a shrunken jacket from a downed pilot lost in the jungle.” Essentially, the clothing of the Ugandas was salvaged from their environment, expressing that this was all the population had to wear.


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