It’s Not What It Looks Like


Alternative Title: Food That Looks Like What It Is But It’s Not What It Is But It Actually Is What It Is

Source: table65

A common way to garnish a dish is using ingredients within the dish (e.g. adding lemon slices on top of salmon to signify it was baked en papillote atop a bed of lemon slices). In recent years, several chefs have taken this idea to the next level, crafting dishes that visually and structurally resemble the actual source the flavor originates from.

I recently found a few dishes served by table65, a fine dining restaurant opened in Singapore within the past few months. As shown in the picture, their signature dish is Green Apple, “a piece of sugar blown into the shape of an apple, … and it has a core of apple sorbet in the middle. [Served] with a salted caramel walnut, and some pate feuilletée [puff pastry] around it.” The result is a remarkable dish that resembles an apple core encased in a glass apple dome. Other dishes include one that resembles a bone with marrow and another that resembles a Jerusalem artichoke.

I’ve found this new design aesthetic extremely refreshing, representative of the ingredients within it, yet complex and distinctive in its own way.

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