The Shed

Called “one of the most significant additions to New York City’s cultural landscape in decades” by the New York Times, The Shed is a new center for the arts lead by director Alex Poots. The space opens on April 6, 2019 in Hudson Yards and is dedicated to all of the arts—theater, visual arts, dance, music, and anything else that could possibly qualify. At low economic costs to entry, the Shed will have an “Open Call” for early career artists to display their works. Poots has called himself a “matchmaker” for artists, providing a space for collaboration across genre and medium. Interestingly, the physical structure of the Shed is flexible, and can be redesigned to best suit the needs of artists.

Along with their promises to support amateur artists, the Shed already has a star-studded line-up for opening day. Steve McQueen is set to present the first in a series of concerts called “Soundtrack of America.” The first exhibits are set to feature Gerhard Richter’s work coupled with music by Steve Reich and Arvo Pärt, and another with work by performance artist Trisha Donnelly.

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