Your Brain on Coke: Brand and Biology Interact

A study in 2013 asked people to drink two identical beverages, but claimed that they were different brands of cola. When participants drank a beverage that they thought was Coke, as opposed to a generic version thereof, they not only thought it tasted better, but it actually did taste better, at least to them. Scientists found a stronger response in the ventral striatum and the amygdala while conducting variations on the beverage tests, which has strong implications at the intersection of marketing, art, and psychology.

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Perception is everything, not just in an ethereal subjective sense, but as a biological reality. An artist, if successful, can essentially make the same chemicals hitting the same receptors trigger a completely new reaction. It’s the alchemy of art: the power to turn lead into gold if you paint it in the right light. Or in this case, the power to turn Pepsi into Coke.


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