Drive in or Dive in?

Many of the projects last week focused on the very real threats posed by climate change and some (less) real solutions. Global warming is a heated issue, and the artistic group Superflex has been using their most recent exibit, DesertX to demonstrate their discontent. As a part of their work “Deep Sea Minding”, they have been envisioning a world where the sea levels have risen so much that we are all playing the role of fish, even in the most barren climate–a desert. Superflex has used the world of science to create a material that is “fish-friendly”, where the drive-in movie can be displayed. The exhibit serves as a criticism of a car’s contribution to pollution and challenges viewers to imagine the future we will cause unless we change our actions. Read more at this NYTimes feature on this project and more they have created.

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  1. J Rivkin says: one of my favorite works ever came from the Desert X exhibition


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