Design Maturity Model

InVision conducted a survey of thousands of companies to explore the relationship between design practices and business performance. They categorized the companies into a tiered system as follows:

Level 1 Producers: design is what happens on screens

Level 2 Connectors: design is what happens in a workshop

Level 3 Architects: design is a standardized scalable process

Level 4 Scientists: design is a hypothesis and an experiment

Level 5 Visionaries: design is a business strategy

A pretty mercenary way of looking at design, if I may. But with the importance of product design/UI-UX growing in the industry, I would say it’s still worth a read.

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  1. J Rivkin says:

    Cool. Also kind of strange that they don’t define “Design” on the site, maybe you have to actually look at the report, but seems like a big oversight.


  2. Don says:

    Yea it’s not explicitly defined in the report either. I think they only addressed a certain aspect of “design” but didn’t clarify which. Closest I could find are the features that they used to measure design adoption in companies: design operations, design systems, design strategy, user research, experimentation, UI design, design team.


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