Car Designs of the Future

In my free time, I like to browse through auto shows because I find the cars to be beautiful works of arts. Many automakers like to reveal concept cars at auto shows to foreshadow their future design plans. This ties nicely to this week’s projects about designing an instruction pamphlet of a future product. I will be reviewing Infiniti QX concept SUV that Infinity debuted at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show and hope to manufacture by 2022.

Infiniti’s design philosophy for this car is “Powerful Elegance” (Photo by Infiniti)

Infiniti is a Japanese Luxury brand under Nissan, and the automaker plans to electrify their vehicle lineup. This concept car gives consumers a sneak peek into what luxury electric cars would look like. A prominent feature the company highlights is the lack of a grille. With an electric design, the car would not need a grille to cool down an engine.

The headlights are simplified into thin lines. (Photo by Infiniti)
The future also embraces the lack of side mirror in exchange for cameras and improved aerodynamics (Photo by Infiniti)

An interesting touch that the designers did was imbue the the concept with Japanese culture. The exterior is sculpted with sharp and thin edges inspired by origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. This is noticeable in the headlights, taillights. The designers also incorporated ma, the Japanese concept of empty space, by adding a sharp crease on the sides of the door panels.

The designers also emphasize the electrification of the car by replacing all analog controls with a digital screen (Photo by Infiniti)

The designers also believe that autonomous driving will be the future of the car industry and decided to model the interior of the space after a Japanese inspired living room. In doing so, they emphasize comfort over driving. The lattice structure on the floor is representative of Japanese tatami mats. The sides are crowned with leather and wood to implement wabi-sabi, the Japanese concept of embracing natural imperfections.

From reading about Infiniti’s design concept for electric SUVs, I learned how Infiniti worked upon timeless Japanese customs into a futuristic presentation. I believe this allows the automaker to innovate but still have an SUV that is familiar. My plan for project 1.2 is to design a futuristic product that still looks familiar to consumers.

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  1. J Rivkin says:

    Interesting to hear how this will affect your 1.2 design. Also check out the cars in the newer Blade Runner – some interesting product placement/design


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