Noma Bar’s Advertisement

Today while exploring Center City I saw a FedEx truck and was reminded of the lesson on negative space we had on Thursday. I decided to use this as a launching point for further exploration.  I think that Noma Bar’s usage of negative space in his various illustrations are thought provoking and unique. I chose his print advertisement for IBM’s Smarter Planet campaign because I like the message that smart acts can improve business as well as people’s lives. As I learned in a marketing class last week, visual ads are often more effective in getting an audience to retain a message. I also like the concept that once you see a piece of art that was previously obscured, it’s hard to unsee it. I think this concept can be applied to seeing problems in the real world; once you notice them it’s hard to continue living in ignorance.

Link to photo & other Noma Bar work:

Link to description of piece:

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