CO-LAB: A Project by Ariella Azoulay, Wendy Ewald, Susan Meiselas, Leigh Raiford, and Laura Wexler.

Artistic collaboration could be the one idolized. The balances and challenges of communication, what meaning is produced out of conversation, and the social formations that lead to or promote certain collaborations are phenomena that many experience as conscious annoyance or inconspicuous tendency. This project is ever evolving, the installation at Slought last year only a stage in a process that is still on going.

Here is a recorded conversation between the people who have collaborated for about six years on this photo-text project. It demonstrates the orchestra of thoughts that arise out of collaboration, each person raising their voice to interject or add on. Some of these artists have known each other for decades, well seasoning their impressive collaboration in rewriting the history of photography. This recording is a glimpse into a collective artistic ethos, one that values the photographed person as “always there,” and never cleaves history or potential violence from the image.


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