Carving a Unique Instagram Style

Screenshot of Brandon Woelfel’s Instagram

An Interview Transcript with Brandon Woelfel

Since joining yearbook in high school, I have dabbled in photography. In my most recent photoshoot project for an on-campus student organization, I faced the challenging of adding a creative style to the photos that we took as a group. We looked to Brandon Woelfel for inspiration, and I have grown to admire his artistic work.

One of Brandon Woelfel’s most popular photos

For this blog post, I learned more about Brandon Woelfel through an interview transcript about his photoessay book. I was surprised to learn that he only uses a fixed-zoom lens. You would think from his high-quality photos that he has very expensive equipment. It was also interesting to read that he started experimenting with lights in his photos around Christmas time.

People describe his style as “fantasy-like” and decorated with “playful lights”

Learning about other another photographer’s creative process and artistic journey encourages me to be more creative in my own photos. I don’t think I’ll ever amass a large Instagram following like Brandon Woelfel, but I hope I can challenge myself to create more artistic photos for my Instagram account from this day forward.

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